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About Pearson 


Pearson Education South Africa (PESA) provides access to lifelong learning opportunities for people who choose to learn. 




We believe that, with the right support, anyone can achieve their educational goals whoever and wherever they are. We understand that everyone learns differently which is why we have developed the wide range of products we offer. These cover children’s books and home learning, higher education, further education and training, reference materials on business, computing and language, dictionaries and a variety of e-learning resources.


Our products are developed by expert educators and curriculum designers working to world-class standards. While we’re still very much in the business of creating books and printed material, we’re always looking for new ways to make the most of the opportunities provided by digital content. Last year, more than 8 million students worldwide learned from our online products alone.


PESA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pearson Southern Africa (PSA) which, in turn, is part of Pearson, the world’s largest education company. The Pearson group of companies includes the Financial Times Group and Penguin Publishing. This means that we have the resources, infrastructure and intellectual capital of a global company behind us.


Our content is trusted. Our innovations are real. And the support we provide to educators and students alike is based on a simple premise: we are not successful unless our customers are successful.


We make learning our business.