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We believe in learning. All kinds of learning for all kinds of people, delivered in a personal style. We believe in its power to change lives, to open doors, to break down barriers, build societies, and offer hope and possibility. Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people.


Learners today not only have to learn English to keep up with the globalised world, but also need to build skills and knowledge to set them up for success in the ever-changing environment. Watch this video where author Katherine Stannett gives some useful insights into which skills your learners will need.               

Watch to hear Dr Herman Beyer of the University of Namibia talking about dictionaries.                    

Distinguished individuals in education discuss the need for change in the classroom.                    

In April 2012, 12 Pearson people from around the world provided intensive on-the-ground support to preschools in Vrygrond, an informal settlement in Cape Town.

The Pearson Foundation is a nonprofit organisation that aims to make a difference by promoting literacy, learning, and great teaching around the world.

In this video, learners issue a challenge for adults to better understand their world and start evolving with them.

We make learning our business.                                                                                                                                                                                                

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